WES Hard Rock Cafe party

Wednesday Morning, WES has already begun for the day, and I'm an hour behind schedule on making my way out of the hotel room and back to the conference. Why the slow start? Free booze at last night's WES party which took place at the Hard Rock Cafe. I think RIM actually discovered the cure for CrackBerry Addiction - free booze! During the day there were 3,000 of us walking around with our heads down reading our berries - at night, the chins were up while the drinks went down!

WES has been a solid event for me so far. Coming out here I was thinking about doing minute by minute blog posts on the event, but decided the better use of my time was to get to know as many people in the CrackBerry world as possible. And I am succeeding at that! At the Solutions Showcase I spoke to a lot of software vendors who are working on some cooool stuff (more to speak to yet today), so there will be a lot of indepth reviews coming in the weeks ahead.

Some of the apps that caught my attention (click the links for more info):

Some observations from the event:

  • Not many laptops in the building at all. Normally at a tech conference every single person would have a laptop and would be fighting over outlets. Goes to show that the BlackBerry of today is replacing the need for a laptop.
  • Everybody has the same ringtone!
  • The CrackBerry.com t-shirts are a huge success!!! Everybody wants one. Going to have to start up the shirt press when I get home.

That's all for now folks.  I have 12 hours of fun ahead of me!