Despite the screenshots that leaked the week prior, I honestly wasn't sure that RIM would even give us a sneak peek of OS 6.0 at WES. Suffice to say, even though it was a video preview vs. a live demo I was pretty darn excited and happy to see BlackBerry 6 get shown off (and I really like that RIM is going to brand it BlackBerry 6). As I said previously here on the blogs, based on the preview video BB6 looks pretty compelling. It keeps the best of BlackBerry and modernizes it with some of the features we have been seeing in other mobile operating systems and adds some new ones of its own. If RIM can execute and deliver an enjoyable and fast user experience, it's going to go a long way in keeping RIM fighting in the smartphone game.

But this is CrackBerry, and you know I LOVE BlackBerry, so we decided to have some fun and see what other mobile bloggers attending WES thought about BlackBerry 6 and another big announcement at WES, the introduction of the BlackBerry Pearl 3G. Be sure to check out the video above... we've got lots of tech personalities chiming in here: Chris Ziegler from Engadget, Eric Zeman from Phone Scoop, Al Sacco of CIO, Andrew Munchbach of BGR and many, many more! Enjoy the show!!

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