With WES 2010 now well behind us, I figured we'd wind down our BlackBerry Solution Showcase Partner/Sponsor Spotlight with Parts IV and V together. Watch the videos above and below to see first hand what some of the different enterprise and consumer plays that were on hand at the event.

Part IV includes SteelCloud, CytexOne, HP, Case-Mate and NickelBuddy. Part V includes Dream Theme, Shoot It and My Global Talk. Definitely check out Part V - the guy from Shoot It / My Global Talk was such a character we had to call it quits on the tour after that we were laughing so hard. Totally an awesome guy who loves his job! :)

We hope you enjoyed the Solution Showcase Spotlight. I'm sure we'll be doing things up again in similar fashion at our next live event, so if you have any ideas/suggestions be sure to drop us a comment and let us know what you'd like to see. 

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