This year RIM had over 100 sponsors participating in the Solution Showcase at WES 2010. With the camera out in full force at the event we figured it only made sense to hit the show floor and give those sponsors a chance to get even more bang out of their buck by having the opportunity to talk to CrackBerry Nation.

One of the things I've realized over the years is that even though we tend to put a consumer-focus on the CrackBerry site and day to day editorial, we have a TON of visitors from the business/enterprise space who check in with the site daily to keep on top of the news (they just don't leave comments at quite the same pace!). So for this series of posts (we split the tour up into five parts) the focus is more heavy on enterprise, but with some consumer stuff mixed in too. 

Part I has us talking to the folks from BoxTone, Tether, WorldMate, and Bayalink. Check out the video for a quick overview of each of these companies and their offerings and be sure to visiit their sites to learn more.