WES 2010: April 27-29 in Orlando, Florida

For anyone who has been following us here at CrackBerry for a while now, you may be aware of what WES (Wireless Enterprise Synposium) is. But just is case you're not sure, WES is Research In Motions showcase event of the year where big things happen. WES 2010 is set to be a great one considering planning for the 2010 event began right after the 2009 event ended. The CrackBerry team will be there to bring you all the news and information, but this post serves as a reminder for those who may be on the fence about attending this year.

Registration begins in January and early birds get that $400 off deal you'll not want to miss out on. Thinking of attending but not really sure as of yet? Take a look through last years events to learn more and plan your budget for WES 2010.