Introducing Gwabbit!

While venturing through parts of the BlackBerry showcase yesterday, I happened to come across this great application called Gwabbit! Gwabbit for those that don't know has been running a Microsoft Outlook plugin for a while now with great success and have now decided to bring the plugin to BlackBerry devices. Speaking with the representatives on hand and getting a better perspective on how Gwabbit works it is an application that will be added to my device as soon as it is available.

Gwabbit's main purpose is to scan your emails for signature links and add them directly to your address book. Awesome! Gwabbit will have a pricing model though as it will be considered a subscription based service when launched (server side processing makes it more than a simple on-device app). Personally I don't have anything against paying the requested $9.95/year for such a handy utility. Another thing to mention - Gwabbit utilizes their own servers to process information, so some users may not want to allow this type of access to the application for security purposes. You can read the Gwabbit privacy policy for more details. Gwabbit should be available on or before May 25th via App World.