BoxTone Mobile User Management Lounge is BACK!

We were pretty excited last year to announce on the blogs the coming of the BoxTone Mobile User Management Lounge for WES 2008. For attendees, it quickly became the unofficial official meet-up location and place to chill between sessions. And for us, it became our place to record CrackBerry Podcasts and meet up with members of CrackBerry Nation.

I'm happy to say the BoxTone lounge is back for WES 2009! And having spent so much time at the lounge last year, we've become an official lounge partner this year. On the educational front, this year the lounge will feature five Birds of a Feather sessions covering enterprise topics such as Tweaking Performance, Managing BIG deployments, The Indispensible BES Admin, Oversight Done Right and GET on BES 5.0. The BoF sessions will be conducted by our friends at If you're at WES this May, you won't want to miss taking in a BoF because in true CrackBerry fashion we'll be handing out prizes courtesy of

Speaking of prizes, if you want to get in on some (whether attending WES or not) you'll want to start following @boxtone_lounge on Twitter. Leading up to the event there's going to be some fun happening there. Facebook users can also check out the BoxTone Lounge group.