Attend WES 2008

I just received an email letting me know that early bird registration for WES is quickly coming to an end. If you're not up to speed on WES, it stands for Wireless Enterprise Symposium and is Research in Motion's BIG annual show. WES 2008 will run from May 13th to 15th and is held in Orlando, Florida. From their site:

WES is the must-attend conference of the year for customers and industry members alike. With more than 100 breakout sessions, peer case studies, hands-on labs and a buzzing technology showcase, it’s an incredible opportunity to network and take highly qualified advice back to your organization. 

WES isn't geared towards end-consumers, but is really for those who administer BlackBerrys or are in the Business of BlackBerrys:

  • Executives responsible for technology decisions
  • IT architects and managers who plan, implement or administer technology systems
  • Developers who create and deploy business applications and solution
  • CrackBerry Addicts who want to Party it Up! (ok, I made that one up, but no where does it say it's NOT for that)

When I attended WES last year, was still in its infancy, so I mainly used WES as an opportunity to meet a ton of people in the BlackBerry world (and there wasn't too much exciting in the way of news to actually report on)! But upon returning home I did manage to handout several BEST OF WES 2007 Crackie Awards, and will do the same this year (and have a bunch of other stuff planned too!).

I think this year will be loaded with big BlackBerry news, so the Crack Team will be back in full force (I booked my room a month ago!) to cover the event, liven up the show and avoid hotel security :-)

If you plan on attending, head to and take advantage of the early bird savings (it'll save you $400). And if you ARE planning on attending, be sure to drop me a note so we can meetup!

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