Jessica Simpson Loves Her CrackBerry

TGIF and that means it's time for another Celebrity CrackBerry Sighting. This week we're gonna do something a little different and recycle some old material. It's not an act of lazyiness though... these are Reader Requests. WES 2008 has been an AMAZING event for several reasons (will get into the details next week) but maybe the BIGGEST reason is simply The People. In addition to covering the news, I talked to literally hundreds of BlackBerry Users from around the World. And I'm absolutely HUMBLED & HONORED by the number of readers we have out there. Out of everyone I met, there was only ONE person who wasn't familiar with the site (and I kinda gave him a hard time about it so I'm guessing he's reading this now!).

And in talking to our readers, one of the things that became apparent is the appreciation for our mix of blog content - News, Reviews, How-Tos, Rumors, Rants, Editorials, Humor and even the Friday CrackBerry Sightings... and in terms of sightings in particular there are two that have really stuck out (they came up several times in conversation). So without further ado, I bring you Jessica Simpson in a CrackBerry T-shirt and Earth to Britney after the jump!


Earth to Britney