malcolm gladwellResearch In Motion are really hyping their Wireless Enterprise Symposium to be held May 8 to 10 in Orlando Florida.

The symposium is the sixth WES that RIM has presented and is an opportunity for administrators, IT architects and professionals to see the latest in technical innovations, learn about the future of wireless technologies and interact with the largest gathering of BlackBerry partners.

As Jim Balsillie explains in their slick e-brochure, the meeting is an excellent opportunity for “people to unlock the possibilities of wireless data.”

A highlight of the symposium will be a keynote presentation by Malcolm Gladwell (right), the author of “Blink” and “The Tipping Point.”

There will also be “tracks” which will appeal to different segments of the industry. The four tracks are:

Mobile Strategies and Opportunities

Ideal for IT administrators and architects, developers and executives, this track looks at the potential of wireless technologies across various vertical markets, businesses and uses. Top industry thinkers discuss how to influence change in organizations, set priorities and plan the lifecycle of a wireless deployment.

New Frontiers for Mobile and Wireless

This track is ideal for IT administrators and executives who are interested in sharpening their understanding of emerging developments and how to harness future technologies.

Wireless Architectures

This track will help IT administrators meet business objectives and manage the rollout, growth and maintenance of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution in their organizations.

Application Development and Integration

This track will teach developers how existing tools such as BlackBerry MDS Studio and Java frameworks can save time and effort by focusing on methods, practices, technology and tools that support wireless application development.