It's 2016. Most people would rather learn something new in their own home, on their own time, and in their own way. So increasingly, they are turning to online courses and downloadable software. But these courses and guides can be very expensive. Unless, of course, you find the right deal. Welcome to CrackBerry Digital Offers!

Through our awesome partnerships, we're able to save you a ton of money on the courses you need to further your career and must-have software to make your life easier. And when we say "a ton," we mean hundreds of dollars — on every deal you buy!

Which brings us to our very first deal!

The Complete 2016 Learn to Code Bundle

If you're a programmer but feel like you could use a refresher on the latest and greatest trends in coding, or even if you're a coding noob looking to start a new career or hobby, this bundle includes everything you'd need to learn the ins and outs of coding for web development in 2016.

The Complete 2016 Learn to Code Bundle

This bundle includes 10 different courses that span over 100 hours of training on Python, PHP, Ruby and much more! This is done via web stream lectures and hands-on projects that reflect real-life scenarios. All the course material is available 24/7, so you can learn at your own pace.

Here are the courses included in the bundle:

  • Python Tutorial: Learn by Coding
  • AngularJS for the Real World
  • Build Professional Websites with HTML5 & CSS3
  • Learn Web Development by Creating a Social Network
  • PHP OOP & PDO with Projects for Beginners
  • Total Web Development Course
  • The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course
  • Learn By Example: The Foundations of HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Learn Cloud Computing From Scratch
  • An Introduction to MySQL Database Development

If you want to become a rockstar web developer, this bundle will get you well on your way without having to enroll in a costly, time-consuming college program.

Normally, the Complete 2016 Learn To Code Bundle would run you over $1000, but right now through CrackBerry Digital Offers, you'll pay only $59 for lifetime access! That's not a joke – you save 94%!

We're super excited to bring you this deal and many more like it, so keep an eye on CrackBerry for more ways to help you learn and save like only CrackBerryDigital Offers can!

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