The above video is a new promo from RIM that shows off the latest BlackBerry 7 devices and is actually pretty well done. It gives you that feeling that you want to own a BlackBerry and be part of the "BlackBerry Family" by picking up one of these new devices. I actually like this ad quite a bit and I'm not sure why RIM doesn't take the same approach to commercials here in the US, Canada or other parts of the world. As I've said many times before, RIM has always been a bit subpar when it comes to showing off the features of devices, so having an ad like this would be a great morale boost of sorts. It doesn't dive into what the device can actually do, but it give off that "happy frappy" feeling of owning a BlackBerry. What do you think? Would you like to see more ads like this across the board?  Let us know in the comments.