Dear Berry

If you've been around CrackBerry for any length of time, you may remember Dear Berry. Dear Berry took a bit of a hiatus (ok, maybe more than just a bit) but now she's back, better than ever and ready to help with all of your BlackBerry woes. If you need advice on how to better balance your life and/or your life with your BlackBerry, Dear Berry is here to save the day. Have a question about BlackBerry etiquette? Need advice on how to cope with your BlackBerry addiction? Dear Berry has you covered. And while DB prefers technical questions to be asked in our amazingly helpful CrackBerry forums, she's pretty good with troubleshooting BlackBerry issues and can handle those too. Whatever the problem, Dear Berry has the answer!

Send Your Questions To Dear Berry: If you have a question, comment or just need advice, you can send an email to [email protected] or on Twitter @DearBerryCB. She'll pick a question each week (maybe more if they start pouring in!) and answer it here in the blogs. So if you're in desparate need of help - worry no more because Dear Berry is back!

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