Podcast The community has spoken and the verdict is in- weekly podcasts are coming to!

Big Thanks to all those who left comments and sent in emails... Craig and I have been absolutely blown away by the response, it was overwhelming!

Out of all the correspondence received, only one person figured we talk too much and should stick to the bi-weekly show. I agree that we have some tightening up to do on the podcasts (I'm still a rookie and we're still waiting on our cool voiceovers and jingles), but I think we're getting there and to keep things mixed up and fresh with the weekly podcasts we're going follow a rotating schedule along these lines:

  • Week #1 - Banter, CB News, BB News and try and have a good guest join us on the show or else dedicated some time to a feature topic - like this past Episode with CTIA, or the one before and Craig's feature on the 8320 Curve and UMA
  • Week # 2 - Banter, CB News, BB News and then focus on more community/help type stuff - feature a BlackBerry 101 tip, do a software/accessory review, dedicate some time to what's being discussed in the forums, and of course play and answer the messages left on our Podcast hotline

The weekly schedule will begin NEXT week (taking today off!) and we'll be recording every Sunday night with the podcasts becoming available for download late Sunday night/early Monday. If you haven't checked out any of our previous shows, you can do do so here. And don't forget to call in and leave us a message or BlackBerry question on our Podcast Hotline at 1-866-904-5772 ext. 222

BlackBerry Talk on the WMExperts Podcast
This week I actually joined Dieter and Malatesta on the WMExperts Podcast where we talked about CTIA and also about the challenge Microsoft is putting up against RIM in the Enterprise market with Microsoft System Center, Mobile Device Manager 2008. We went a little long, so Dieter split up the Podcast into two episodes. So if you can't wait until next week for more BlackBerry Podcast talk, check out WMExperts Podcast Episode 8 and Episode 9. Part I is more CTIA/Windows Mobile news stuff, while Part II is our BlackBerry/Microsoft/Enterprise dicussion. Take a listen!