Weekly Agenda Calendar view coming in BlackBerry OS 10.3

It's round 4 of Michael Clewley's BlackBerry OS 10.3 sneak peeks. There has been lots of goodies so far. One of my favorites is 'Endless Folders'. That is something I have been wanting since the beginning and I'm glad to see it coming. There are also some nice e-mail additions too. So, what does today bring?

For today's first teaser, we have 'Weekly Agenda'. A lot of people have been asking for the ability to view more than today's agenda, which is what we currently have. From the screenshot below, you can see that you can now see the whole week's agenda. Another option I am sure many will be happy to see.

Just to note. These screenshots are not leaks. They are teasers. Michael Clewley is Director, Handheld Software Product Management at BlackBerry. He is sharing these screenshots over on his official BBM Channel (C00014277). The 10.3 SDK is in beta, internally and we are getting these teasers from that version. So, bear in mind some of these things will still be tweaked before the official release. As for when it will become available? Your guess is as good as ours at this time.