So you’ve written all your code, packaged your app, and now you are ready to post it for download or sale on BlackBerry World. Once you log into your vendor account, you may find the process to submit your app long and confusing. To help you, I’ve put together a complete walkthrough video explaining every step of the way.

When I made this video I was completely ready for the submission process. And since I didn’t expressly mention all the pieces I had prepared, here is a quick checklist of what you should have ready prior to starting the process in your vendor account:

  • Approved vendor account
  • Packaged/Signed .bar (PlayBook and BB10) and/or .cod (BBOS) files
  • Short Description: One line description of your app
  • Long Description: Detailed description of your app. I find it is best to use a mixture of sentences and bullet points.
  • Keywords: Additional words that help users find your app when searching.
  • Icon image: This is typically the same as your icon in your packaged file, however it needs to be 480x480 and it will be used only for display in BlackBerry World. Can be different than your in app icon. For instance to show a "for sale" banner on your icon.
  • Feature image:  Image to be used if your app becomes featured on the main carousel.
  • App screenshots: Example screenshots of your app to give a preview to potential downloaders. It is a good idea to show as many as relevantly possible to show off all the features of your app.

I’ll admit that the first time I submitted an app to BlackBerry World, I was intimidated. And even now that I’ve submitted quite a handful, I still sometimes discover a few things about the process. So if you’ve never submitted an app or are a seasoned pro, check out my video to learn about the process.

P.S. In case you are curious, the app I used to for the example is available for purchase on BlackBerry World here: