CrackBerry strives to cover topics that appeal to the full range of the BlackBerry community, whether it be consumer, enterprise, games, apps, news, etc. So today we are happy to announce a new topic on CrackBerry geared toward developers. These posts will be aimed at not just the seasoned coder but also anyone who has wanted to take a little peak behind the curtains of how apps are actually made. To better cover this topic, Kevin and company have brought me, Brian Scheirer, on to write about the fun and exciting world of BlackBerry app developing.

I plan to bring you a new article each week .. well weekend really. I figured that many BlackBerry developers do it as a hobby on the weekends (hence the Weekend Coder), so what better time to post up a new article, right?

A little background on myself, I have been a software developer for the past 7.5 years where I have mostly written online math/science homework algorithms. If you have taken any college math classes and your teacher assigned you homework online, you may have seen my work. Then I started coding mobile apps about a year ago when Cascades was launched.

Since then I have attended Jam Americas last September and hosted a session at Jam Europe in February. I currently have two other BlackBerry coding sites: and my blog. Also, I am a member of the BlackBerry Developer Elite and pretty active on the BlackBerry Developer Support forums, user bcs925.  To see more of my work check out my apps, most noted for my popular game Visual Connection and my Built For BlackBerry app The Dive Plan.  

Finally and most importantly I have been a BlackBerry user since 2007, first with a few Pearls then some Bolds and now a LE Z10 as I impatiently wait for the Q10.

Now, no introduction to developing anything would be complete without HelloWorld. So without further ado, check out the quick video above of how to create HelloWorld (well in this case Hello CrackBerry) and deploy to the simulator.