Web Splitter Browser

Two web pages on one screen. Yep, that's possible with Web Splitter browser from tzapps. You may have seen our original coverage back in May 2013 when we featured the Built for BlackBerry 10 app on video and it proved to be rather popular. The good news is that the developer has sliced the price of Web Splitter by 50% until the end of January so if you missed out the first time around you may want to check it out now for the very reasonable price of just $0.99. 

Although the app works perfectly on all BlackBerry 10 devices I'll be honest and say that it's a far better experience on the Z30 and Z10. The handsets with the hardware keyboards are just too restrictive when it comes to screen real estate. So if you are an all touch BlackBerry 10 owner why not take advantage of the special price and give yourself the ability to be on two web pages at the same time on the same screen. 

There's more to this one than meets the eye so here's a quick reminder of the pile of features included:

  • Two web pages in one screen 
  • Easily customise the size of each grid
  • Simple easy and clean cascades interface
  • Save to favorites
  • Load from favorites
  • Create custom favorite
  • Share favorites and urls
  • Active frame showing what is viewed in each grid
  • Option to open url in BlackBerry 10 browser
  • Free updates
  • More grid configurations to come
  • Small size
  • Simple yet powerful RSS reader
  • Manage your RSS subscriptions
  • WebSplitter is invokable. Save any url or rss url directly from the BlackBerry 10 browser
  • Network Status indicator
  • BBM™ connected
  • Orientation Support
  • Settings 
  • Welcome page with instructions
  • Privacy Settings -Ad Blocker

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