This one will appeal to a niche market, but if you are looking to get into web development then it's well worth checking out. The application is essentially a Web Design Cheat Sheet which is a reference tool for HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript which gives:

  • Useful Information
  • Syntax
  • Examples
  • Documentation
  • Site Feeds

I must admit that my experience and knowledge of development is extremely limited but Web Design Cheat Sheet looks to be the perfect tool to help get you into developing and finding out what's what. Built using Cascades - the app is a perfect example of how wonderful BlackBerry 10 apps can be. It's user friendly with an attractive, yet simple user interface.

Features of the app include:

  • BBM Connected
  • Reader Mode
  • Share Functionality
  • Request Additional Site Feeds
  • App Cover When Minimized
  • Sort by Letter

More information/Download Web Design Cheat Sheet for BlackBerry 10