Playing around with the Torch the last few days I've become a big fan of the WebKit browser (as I expected I would). Sites that I used to shy away from on my 9700 browser are now a breeze on the Torch and make the web experience that much better. Granted having the touchscreen again is a big bonus, but being able to double-tap zoom and flick around with more speed is a great thing -- not to mention having tabbed browsing. This isn't really a "competition" bewtween the two devices, but I ran a little comparison of a few sites to see how the Bold 9700 compared to the Torch 9800. While it's not the greatest difference on some sites, others are much easier to work with now. I checked out, Google Reader, and Kevin showed how the Torch stacked up to other device browsers, so here is a straight up BlackBerry to BlackBerry. I'm sure I'll find some more in the coming weeks, but if you pick up a Torch tomorrow (or have on already) be sure to drop a comment with some of your favorite sites to visit using the new browser.