There are a plethora of utility applications available in the storefront but Power Tools is one of the most versatile. It combines several must-needed applications into one. It's a full-featured application that fully enhances the BlackBerry experience by combining several applications into one including a wallpaper changer, Custom LED, message and phone call blocker, holster profile changer, and time event scheduler.

The developer has been hard at work added a few new features into their latest version, that now stands at v5. You can browse through the change log below for the details surrounding this update.

Version 5 Change Log

  • Added Delay Send Mail. Goto the Applications Settings screen in Power Tools. There will be a new item called Email. Delay Send Mail allows you to setup which email accounts to delay send. When you compose or reply to a email Power Tools will queue the email until the specified delayed minutes is up and then send it. This is useful if you accidentally sent a wrong email or you need to edit the email again. If you have any queued delayed email you can always run Power Tools and then select from the menu and force to send all the messages.
  • Added Weather Wallpaper. Goto the Application Settings screen in Power Tools. There will be a new item called Weather. The weather settings have been moved there from the Active Frame screen. Here you set how you want to get the weather information. A new Wallpaper button is added. Select the button to set different wallpapers depend on the current weather temperature. Example: You can set a new wallpaper when the temperature go below -10 degrees or above 30 degrees. You can have unlimited number of temperature wallpaper settings. Note that if you use the regular wallpaper changer in Power Tools the weather wallpaper will always change when the temperature changes. There is no priority over each other.
  • Add Account to the Message Blocker. You can now select which account to apply the spam filters. Currently you can only select All or one account. In the next release you will be able to check which accounts to apply the filters. *Changed the New BBM and Application item in the Application Settings screen to just Notifications. There is a new item to notify you in the Hub whenever Power Tools is started after each system reset
  • Updated the scheduler for email. You can now enter more than one email addresses in the To and CC fields. Use the comma to separate email addresses. The limit for each field is 128 characters
  • Added more choices to the Sync Hub Messages. You can now select from 1 minute to 6 hours to sync. If you do use message sync I would recommend you to set the message sync to Manual for each account in the Hub Email Settings.
  • Fixed the bug in the Application Settings for OS10.2 devices. Before it wasn't allowing you to select Pebble Watch.

With each update, Power Tools only gets better. You can find it for BlackBerry 10 for $3.99.

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