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Last week, we saw the launch of an unofficial but native Meetup application for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. We promised you an in-depth look at the application and we're doing just that. To be honest, I never used, nor have I even considered using the services of Meetup to discover and manage groups and events in my city. Sometimes, depending on your situation, you'll find it hard to do so; to reach out into the community in search for something new or someone to share similar interests or needs. Meetup provides a pressure-free way to choose which interests you want to focus your energy on and with whom.

After having a look at Meetup App for BlackBerry 10, users will be even more excited to check out what's going on in their community. Who knows, perhaps with your BlackBerry 10 smartphone in hand, you'll start a worthwhile community group with an even greater cause on your own.

The native Meetup App with developed by qbo; the same developer behind the Starbucks client MAKE, the not-so lazy app Lazy Lists and the creative reminder app Corky Notes. Meetup App is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The version at the time of this review is Before you get started, you do have to log in with your Meetup account, or sign up for a free account; either way Meetup App makes it easy to do both and get started building your new social life. The details needed include age and postal code; the latter of which I had trouble entering as it said it was an invalid entry. I ended up having to use a postal code from a previous address. This was not a fault with the application as I was able to duplicate the error on their website. After that glitch, I was ready to go.

The key to Meetups is finding local groups for you to join or creating a group to suit your needs. The application is beautifully laid out which makes it incredibly easy to manage. If you're a new user, you are prompted to pick interests to help get you started; selecting them is as easy as tapping on the icon. If they seem too vague, you'll be able to narrow your choices down to the specifics on the next screen, for example; you may have selected Career & Biz, but you want to focus on Leadership instead of Toastmasters. After that, you're one email confirmation away to making some new friends with similar interests. What are you waiting for?

After setup, the main menu has four options at the bottom: Activity, Calendar, Groups and (your) Profile. Let's dig further into each.


This is the first item that you see once your account is set up. The top portion is where you will see a meetup that you have RSVP'd to. Tapping on the map will redirected to the native maps application where you can get directions. Other options allow you to change your RSVP from yes to no, see who is going from the group, leave comments and add the meetup to your native calendar; all done nearly effortlessly. Below this is the What's Happening section where you can see how many Meetups are active from all of your groups and also view the number of meetups outside of your group selections (these you can't view details).


Here you can see the developer planning on more options for future updates, such as viewing all meetups nearby and your own meetups and suggestions. The Calendar section lets you see where you are going (future events) and where you went (past events, duh). Tapping on I'm going, brings up your confirmed Meetups which then allow you to access the same details seen in the Activity section ) changing RSVP status, access map and calendar, etc. Tapping on My Meetups brings up a looooooong list of upcoming events from all of your groups. If you don't feel like spraining your thumb from all of the scrolling, Meetup App allows you to search all of the groups by keywords.


This option allows you to see thumbnails of the groups you have joined and, at a glance, the number of members and the date of the next meetup. From this screen you can also search for groups; though I have been having trouble reaching the server. Selecting one of your current groups takes you to their profile page where you can see all past and upcoming meetups, group description and full member list (complete with avatars and brief profiles). Once again you also RSVP to meet ups and such. The Groups section also allows you to start a group of your own; perhaps a Meetup group of BlackBerry fans is in order. Selecting the option redirects you to the Meetup mobile page where you follow the steps to get your group up and running.


This section is currently under construction. At this point, you can see your avatar, general location and the number of groups you belong to. Two sections, Interests and Settings are currently inaccessible but are teased with a 'coming soon!' pop-up

The Good

  • Beautifully integrated with BlackBerry 10; find directions and add calendar entries with ease
  • Navigation is simple yet effective
  • View and RSVP quickly

The Bad

  • Slight delay in retrieving details in the Calendar and Activity sections
  • No setting options yet
The bottomline

The Meetup App is extremely fluid and will have you getting connected to local groups in no time. If you haven't heard of the services from Meetup, this app from qbo alone will make you want to sign up. There's still some work to be done on the app but it won't affect the overall purpose of Meetup App in the slightest. Quick access to Maps and calendar will make sure you're not known as the tardy one, unless you like being fashionably late. Meetup App is available for free form BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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