What's going to happen to BlackBerry

Earlier this week I joined Rene Ritchie on our Vector podcast to talk BlackBerry. Back in October 2013 we recorded a show together on the topic of What happened to BlackBerry. Though recorded relatively late in the year, that episode went on to be our single most downloaded podcast episode across all Mobile Nations podcasts for 2013.

With lots of change at BBRY between then and now, including a new CEO at the helm of the company, in this episode we talk about What's going to happen to BlackBerry. This podcast is a great follow up audio companion to the in-depth interview we conducted with BlackBerry CEO John Chen in Las Vegas at CES 2014.

In fact, it turns out, this podcast is soooo good that it's **magical**. Here's a lovely email that Ken (@iseeblackberry) sent in after listening to the show:

Hi Rene

I just want to compliment you on your most recent podcast with Kevin Michaluk.  I am a regular listener to most of your podcasts, whether it be Zen & Tech or even the iMore show.  

I have to tell you that something special happens when you and Kevin get together.  Perhaps it's the familiarity you two have, Perhaps it's the history you both have.  What I can tell you is that I regard it as podcasting magic.  

I could listen to you and Kevin talk all day.  You are highly skilled at your craft sir, and I respect what you do and how you do it.  There are no shortage of tech podcasters out there but you have it down to a science.

You and the Mobile Nations crew have broadened my mobile perspective.  For that I thank you.

Best regards from Ontario.


How nice of an email is that to receive?! If you haven't listened to the show yet, let that be the testimonial that wins you over (and thanks Ken for sending it in, glad you liked the show!).

For those who prefer not to listen to podcasts, we are having the show transcribed and will get that up as soon as we have it. In the meantime, have a listen if you can, and enjoy the show!

Listen Here: Vector 26: What's going to happen to BlackBerry

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