Hands-on with Face10, a replacement Facebook app that's actually useful

If you're a Facebook user, you'll know that using the Facebook app for BlackBerry 10 hasn't been a pleasant experience lately, with many resorting to using Facebook through the browser. Now though, we have a third-party option, which dropped into BlackBerry World recently in the form of Face10, after going through a short stint in Beta Zone. In CrackBerry fashion, we're going to take a closer look at the app. If you haven't downloaded yet or if you're on the fence about downloading it, maybe this can help you decide.

Face10 Dark ThemeFace10 Light Theme

First and foremost, Face10 is a Facebook app, so you'll be able to do all the Facebook things such as update your status, upload photos and videos, view your Feed, like posts, share links, etc. There are a lot of other extras added in too. Face10 takes on a more native BlackBerry 10 look, as opposed to the Facebook look of the BlackBerry 10 app. I quite like that and makes it feel more native. You still have your shortcuts to update your status, add a photo or check-in, they just take on the BlackBerry 10 look, with update status option more prominent.

The overflow menu on the bottom right gives you more options, including Add Video, Search and Refresh. The left-side menu is for the main navigation to jump into your Profile, Messages, Notifications, etc. Along the top bar you have the option to filter what is displayed in your Feed. I like that this option is quickly available.

Face10 Main MenuFace10 Overflow Menu

Nemory Studios has added a few other features to Face10, little tidbits to add to your Facebook experience. If you don't quite like the Facebook blue theme, you can change the color theme, as well as set a dark theme too. If you have more than one Facebook account, there is multi-account support.

One big thing I'm happy to see in Face10 is the ability to see threaded replies, a feature that's long been available through the web (as well as in the Android and iOS Facebook apps). Face10 also has Hub integration, so you'll be able to see your notifications come through to the Hub. What's more is that you can customize which notifications come through, too. All of these extras mentioned come as part of the Pro version and while that will cost you a few dollars, is worth it if you will be making use of these features.

Face10 Filter OptionsFace10 Settings

As a Facebook user, I recommend checking out Face10. It's free to download and you also get a chance to test out all the Pro features with a 2-day trial. Once this trial expires, you'll be reverted to the free version. Let me stress that the free version doesn't take away from the Facebook experience. Everything you would normally do with the Facebook app is there, plus you're getting a smoother experience. If you do want to keep the Pro features, you can upgrade for $2.99. You also don't have to wait for the trial to end before you upgrade.

You can check out the video above for a closer look at the app. You can download Face10 on any BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Why not give it a try today. It's free to try.

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