We announced a short while ago that the popular game 'Cut the Rope' had been updated to support BlackBerry 10 so if you are in two minds whether to part with your cash here's a little taster for you.

Although priced at £1.50/$1.99 if you have previously bought the game for your PlayBook you won't have to pay again - Yippee!

The game has been huge on other platforms and if my memory serves me right it is probably one of the most popular games since gaming on smartphones took off. If you haven't played Cut the Rope before the the concept is quite simple. You have to get the piece of candy into the little monsters (Om Nom) mouth. The problem is that the candy is attached to ropes and in order for you to give Om Nom his treat you will need to slice the ropes in a particular order - which at first seems simple but as you progress things get real tough.

In addition - there are stars to collect along the way and just to spice things up a bit you will need to make good use of some bubbles to float the candy up the screen. Make sure you pop the bubble before it reaches the top though of you will fail the level.

Graphics and sound wise Cut the Rope is as good as it gets, so if you are looking for a fun, addictive puzzle style game on your BlackBerry this one is a must.

More information/Download Cut the Rope for BlackBerry 10