We told you a short while ago that Bejeweled 2 had become available for BlackBerry 10 - so I though that for those of you that were a bit reluctant to part with three bucks we had better give you a video demonstration to tempt you.

As you will see the game runs beautifully on the BlackBerry Z10. The colors are almost bursting out of the screen and we get some funky background music and sound effects.

There are three variations of the game - Classic, Action and Endless, so after a bit of practice you can really put yourself to the test. Although there are loads of games available that are similar to Bejeweled 2 I feel that this one really is a classic and is certainly in the top few of its category. It's one of those games that you can pretty much guarantee to see folk playing on buses and trains whether BlackBerry users or not.

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