wayfinderWayfinder announced today that Wayfinder Navigator is now compatible with the BlackBerry 8800 Series and BlackBerry Curve.

Wayfinder Navigator combines GPS navigation with the convenience and functionality of the BlackBerry. A user can be guided from A to B with voice, map and turn-by-turn directions. In addition to the navigation and positioning service, Wayfinder features a wide range of additional extras, including traffic information, weather reports, information on selected local services and the locations of Points of Interest (POI).

 Wayfinder Navigator 7 adds a number of new features to the Navigator series including 3D maps, a new night mode to adapt the color and brightness of the screen, an increased selection of POI’s – now 20 million across North America andblackberry wayfinder 8800 Europe – additional content from Info USA and new ‘Power Search’ functionality. 

Wayfinder offers map, direction and GPS navigation services accessible by mobile phones. From these basic navigation services, we provide mobile phone users with content services including digital city guidebooks traffic information, currency conversion and weather reports. Wayfinder has selected Tele Atlas digital maps because they are complete, accurate and up-to-date.