There's a scene in the movie Fight Club where Tyler Durden pours acid on Edward Norton's character and says to Edward as he screams in pain "It's only after we've lost everything that we are free to do anything." Think of that article I wrote on 10 Reasons Why Google Will Buy RIM as symbolically freeing myself. It's only in acknowledging that RIM could go away that I now truly feel free to tackle the task of leading the good fight for BlackBerry.

As the Founder and Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation, my job is to be.. well, fearless. And over the many years that I've been running CrackBerry, I think most would agree I've done a pretty solid job in this role, even when RIM has on occasion delivered us products that haven't quite lived up to our expectations and hype, making it a bit more difficult on my end to wear the #1 Fanboy shirt. Trust me, I wish the original BlackBerry Storm would have rocked and that the BlackBerry PlayBook would have launched with native email, PIM and more apps. But honestly, whether good times or bad, one thing that has never wavered is my loyalty and love for Research In Motion and BlackBerry. If you doubt my love for BlackBerry, you're literally on crack (and yeah, I mean the drug).

That said, it was pretty interesting to read the comments following my editorial thought piece earlier this week. The details of the Google is a good fit to buy RIM theory obviously struck a chord with a lot of people as the reaction has been overwhelming, with opinions varied to the extreme on both sides. Many of you agreed with the logical points I raised. Others responded with massive cries of BlackBerry treason. I've done a few followup interviews with big media over the story (not something I was looking for when I wrote it) and I even got a nice blog post response to mine called A Few Reasons Why Google Should Not Buy RIM which singled me out in the article. The author actually agreed with all ten points I made, but also argued it's me who should be leading the effort for RIM's turnaround. Which I AGREE with. AND I PLAN TO.

If you only read the headline, I could see why some of you would interpret my Google story as a troll-ish piece with CrackBerry Kevin turning his back on BlackBerry. That really wasn't the case and not my intent. If you read the full story, intro paragraphs and conclusion both, I stated clearly that it's not something I want to see happen, nor fully believe would happen, but rather that if a RIM acquisition at some point in the future became inevitable in the face of an eroding share price and what appears to be an ever-increasing negative sentiment in the media, that those were logical reasons as to why I could see Google being the best suitor and that I would rather it be Google over any other company to ingest RIM. I didn't write that post because it was easy, but precisely because it was hard.

And while I don't think there was anything in that article that suggested I loved RIM and BlackBerry any less than I always have, I guess for some of you just the notion of me suggesting that RIM might not pull through their tech transition and current market woes in one independent piece was a sign of CrackBerry's leader showing fear rather than being fearless, which isn't good to see on BlackBerry's #1 enthusiast website. But fear not CrackBerry Nation, I haven't thrown in the towel on BlackBerry just yet, and don't plan to. Period.

And now that I'm free to do anything, save Research In Motion we will. It's time to use our awesome community to turn the negative sentiment into a positive one and I'm going to lead the charge. I'm a realist and I call things as I see them. I'm sure the trolls will circle and things are going to get worse out there on the media and investors front before they get better, but I know CrackBerry Nation has a LOT of spark left in it and we will emerge champions (see video above). You know how I know? Because that 10 reasons why Google will buy RIM article pissed a LOT of you off. I would have been worried if the reaction was docile, but it was not. #TeamBlackBerry is alive and well and I've got some big plans to make sure the world knows it.

Stay tuned CrackBerry Nation. The way I see it, we've only just begun.

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