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Waterproof BlackBerry case head to head - Aquapac vs. Overboard

Today I am reviewing the Aquapac and the OverBoard aquatic cases. Although these two cases are meant to serve the same purpose, these two cases have differences that would make you think otherwise. Let's get to the review!

The first case I am going to discuss is the Aquapac. This case is big enough to fit any phone, MP3 player, or other handheld device. With the case being entirely clear, it is functional for any device. If you have a smaller device the case is definitely too big to use the device comfortably. The clamps on the case are tight, making you feel comfortable with having a tight seal. Once again for a "wimp" like me, this is a con. The case also features a loop at the top to hook a lanyard to it. This is nice for those who would like to have the case wrapped around their neck or hanging off of a bag of some sort, but because of the size of the case this could be extremely dysfunctional. The case is completely waterproof and is submersible up to 15 ft. The case is also featured with a 3 year warranty, which is something that the OverBoard case lacks. The case also features a stylus holder. It is available for sale for $29.99 at

I dislike the overall size of the case. It is extremely inconvenient and not a very practical size. The clear plastic is nice in the sense that you can use any type of gadget you can think of, but I think the clear makes the case look low quality.. As I mentioned before, the case features a hole for a lanyard, but the product does not come with one. This case makes it easy to text and call no matter which touch screen device I am using. Since there is no lining, this case is great for texting on any phone. When placing a call, I was expecting to be able to hear that my phone was in a "plastic bag", as I had referred to it, which surprisingly did not affect the clarity of the call.

The next case I am going to be reviewing is the OverBoard case. When I first opened the box I was impressed with the professional appearance that this case has to offer. The black lining makes the case look slick and gives it more of a high quality look. This case also features a lanyard loop at the top of the case. The main difference here is that the OverBoard is actually sent with a lanyard and a carabineer. I think this is extremely convenient and also gives you an option on how to carry the case, which is something the Aquapac lacks. Also the size of this case is smaller, easier to fit in the hand and overall just has a better feel. The size though can also be a con depending on how you plan to use the case. If all you are carrying is a small phone or other gadget, this case is perfect. For multiple, or larger gadgets, this case is just not big enough. In terms of sealing, this case has an easy and fast approach to getting the seal you want without the hassle. This case also considers the clear opening in the back of the case a feature, saying that this case is perfect for devices with a camera option. This case is available for $29.95 at

The black around the edges of the case gives it a nice look, but when using a device with buttons along the bottom this case is definitely difficult to use. If the device slides down too far into the case, the bottom lining covers the buttons, making the device nearly impossible to use, which can get frustrating. The case is small and easy to hold, but with someone like me who uses multiple devices at once, the size is just not practical for my needs. Since there is a thicker lining along the bottom, I had some problems with the receiver of the call having a hard time hearing me.

When I first took a look at these two cases side by side it was easy to pick one that I would be more comfortable putting my expensive devices in, but after actually putting these cases to use I have completely changed my preference in the two. In my opinion, the better case is the Aquapac. This case is a great size for putting everything I could need into. The case's clear look allows me to use both of my touch screen devices without having to take them out of the case.

Aquapac Pros:

  • Completely clear
  • Large size
  • Lanyard hole
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Clasps are tight

Aquapac Cons:

  • Large size
  • Clasps are hard to open
  • Lanyard not included

OverBoard Pros:

  • Slick design
  • Easy to slide clasps
  • Small size
  • Lanyard and Carabineer included

OverBoard Cons:

  • Small size
  • Black lining affects buttons and call clarity
  • Clasps don't seem secure