Are you jealous of the fact the iPhone can stream YouTube videos? You should feel much better after reading this article. I recently played with, a new mobile site for watching videos on your BlackBerry. This is not for your computer, just for your BlackBerry. Simply open your mobile browser and type, or go to the web site from your computer and you'll be able to send a link to your device.

The site is well done, simple to navigate. You are greeted with a search box, and if you scroll down, you can choose from a few predefined lists such as Editor’s Pick, Favorites, and others. There are 2 main reasons why blueapple is really appealing:

- You can search from over 10 million videos across many sites (YouTube included)
- The videos are optimized and formatted to be quickly downloaded and compatible with your BlackBerry

When you select a playlist or perform a search, the results page gives you the thumbnail of the video, along with the title. Once you choose your video, you can either watch a preview or download the full length. If the video is large, it will come into a few parts. The experience was not too bad with EDGE, you usually have to wait less than 30 seconds to start watching.
Go to to watch videos

You'll also appreciate the social aspect of the new service: you can save your favorite videos to my favorites?, send clips to a friend, and even send videos from web to mobile. So what’s the difference between the mobile version of YouTube and Blueapple? YouTube mobile only features a small set of videos, features all of them.

Even if you are not too much into watching video on your BlackBerry, you should definitely bookmark You never know when you�-?ll be bored in a waiting room when mobile video is just the thing you need. :)

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