What enterprises and developers need to now about Priv

If you missed out on the 'what enterprises and developers need to know about Priv' webcast that took place on November 17, you can now watch the replay at your leisure. The webcast was aimed at developers and those who work for enterprise companies detailing what enterprises and developers need to know about the Priv by BlackBerry.

This webcast covered the following topics:

  • Get an overview of Priv and its amazing features
  • Learn more about Android for Work and BES12 integration – including enterprise-ready and security features
  • Explore the limitless potential of Google Play for Work, and key developer "need to knows"
  • See code samples for key actions related to both the physical keyboard and slider
  • Find out more about the NEW Android developer resources available on DevZone

The webcast itself comes in at just over half an hour long, so you won't need to set aside much time to take it in. That might sound brief for what it covers, but I'm sure there are plenty more webcasts for the Priv coming up.

Watch the full webcast replay right now