One month ago to the day I made a blog post here about the availability of Tank Recon 3D for the BlackBerry Storm2, which is an awesome first person shooter game that puts you in the seat of a tank as you go through various missions shooting down planes, AT guns, tanks and more. When I first made the announcement post about Tank Recon 3D I only posted a couple of screen captures, but now we have two videos (one above, one below) you can watch that show off Tank Recon 3D's gameplay and 3D graphics in much more detail. I've spent quite a few hours now playing this game on my BlackBerry Storm2 - it definitely gets my two thumbs up!

Tank Recon 3D Promotion - Save $2: Lone Dwarf Games, the developer of Tank Recon 3D, have created 500 coupon codes (first come first serve) that will knock $2 off the price when you used in our mobile app store or on-device CrackBerry Superstore. The coupon code is CBTankRecon3D. That means you can grab it for $5.99 vs. the normal $7.99 price. Be sure to hurry if you want to take advantage of this one.

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Another Video of Tank Recon 3D in Action