As I noted in an earlier post, BlackBerry CEO John Chen took part in a fireside chat hosted by Amanda Lang at the Toronto Global Forum to discuss discussing data, privacy, and governance in the era of big tech. At the time I made my earlier post, I wasn't sure if that video would be shared, but luckily, the folks at BlackBerry have now uploaded it to their YouTube channel.

Rather than me digging through and parsing the half-hour conversation for everyone, you can hit play on the video and take it in at your leisure. Having gone through some of the conversations already, there's quite a bit contained in the chat such as how Chen controls security on his personal devices, how he feels about how other organizations handle customer data and whether not new policies and guidelines may help protect people.

One highlight I enjoyed was the discussion surrounding how people think about security and privacy, how much data we all give away for the sake of convenience. As data breaches and hackings continue to grow, how do you go about placing more emphasis on privacy and security in a way that people take it seriously? Hit play, check it out and leave your thoughts below.

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