Watch the replay of the 'Health Care in the Digital Age' panel with John Chen

Although it might seem, from the coverage in the media, that John Chen held a sort of briefing of his own for BlackBerry on Monday, he was attending to the Milken Institute Global Conference to partake in a panel discussing Health Care in the Digital Age. That panel took place Monday and as expected, has now been uploaded to the Milken Institute's YouTube page for everyone to watch.

Health Care in the Digital Age

Mobile, big data, the Internet of Things and social media are leading a revolution that is transforming opportunities in health care and research. Extraordinary advancements in mobile technology and connectivity have provided the foundation needed to dramatically change the way health care is practiced today and research is done tomorrow.

While we are still in the early innings of using mobile technology in the delivery of health care, evidence supporting its potential to impact the delivery of better health care, lower costs and improve patient outcomes is apparent. Mobile technology for health care, or mHealth, can empower doctors to more effectively engage their patients and provide secure information on demand, anytime and anywhere.

Patients demand safety, speed and security from their providers. What are the technologies that are allowing this transformation to take place?

After a pretty great introduction from panel moderator Michael Milken, Chairman, Milken Institute, Chen speaks on his views for security in his digital age, what will happen in this area in the near future and how BlackBerry can help ensure these systems and services are secure. Additionally, we also get to hear from Patrick Soon-Shiong, Chairman and CEO, NantWorks, who speaks on NantHealth's HBox solution built with BlackBerry software and how it helps in this digital age. You can watch the full panel below. It's almost an hour long but you can skip to 13:00 if you really just want to hear what John Chen and Patrick Soon-Shiong have to say.

In addition to John Chen and Patrick Soon-Shiong's discussions, Mark Wilson, Chief Evangelist, BlackBerry was also on hand to discuss how the role of chief marketing officer is no longer just about marketing in a panel called 'From Marketer to Influencer to Global Brand Shaper'.

More than ever, CMOs must be myopic about the consumer, fanatical about innovation and exert strong leadership in the C-suite. Increasingly, the chief marketer's job is defined by the digital media that consumers rely on to research and buy products, and by a global marketplace that requires an awareness of many cultures. In this fast-changing environment, how can marketers effectively take their companies to the next level? How do they protect their brands and corporate image when a blog post or tweet can set off a global reaction? What impact is this evolving consumer landscape having on brands and their reach?

You can watch the full video from that panel below as well, view the slides via the Milken Institute website.

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