If you weren't able to catch BlackBerry CEO John Chen's interview with Amber Kanwar at the Empire Club of Canada as it was live streamed, no matter. You can now catch the replay of the discussion. As expected, a lot of what was discussed revolved around BlackBerry, and Chen's handling of the operations both in the past and in the future.

Perhaps, the most interesting part of this interview is that it came right before BlackBerry's Q2 fiscal 2017 earnings call on September 28. As such, Chen couldn't go too far into some areas due to BlackBerry being in their financial quiet period, but he did address a few questions that have been raised such as the stability of BlackBerry as a company, whether or not he 'sold off' BBM (he didn't) and how much further he has left to go in his turnaround.

All things considered, it was a pretty decent interview, and Chen was in a great mood, cracking jokes. Certainly did not sound like a CEO who was getting ready to announce some bad financials and the end of hardware, despite what some others who are not even worth mentioning have been predicting.