If you missed out on the Project Ion Internet of Things webinar that was held on July 10th, this weekend might be a good time to get caught up on it all, as the replay is now available. The QNX Cloud team hosted the event and ran through a lot of stuff surrounding Project Ion and the initiatives happening at BlackBerry and QNX in the Internet of Things arena.

Led by Steve West, senior director for business development of QNX Cloud, it's an in-depth presentation, answering questions and giving examples of how IoT can accelerate time to market, and improve end-customer experiences. Everyone interested in what BlackBerry and QNX is doing, should tune in.

That said though, it's pretty heavy stuff and is geared towards those interested in implementing big data systems, have a need for real-time data analysis, access to API's and are working on creating the awesome things we all want to use. To put it plainly, don't expect to fully understand everything that is addressed but it's certainly still worth watching.

Watch the Project Ion webinar