Hulu BlackBerry PlayBook

If you find yourself lounging around wanting to watch Hulu videos on your BlackBerry PlayBook - we have just the thing. Daniel Bigham (creator of Flix for the PlayBook) is back with luhu - an app that lets you stream Hulu videos to your PlayBook via your PC. While it's not the greatest solution, it is pretty sweet if you're a big Hulu fan. You can use luhu to stream videos to your PlayBook over a shared wifi connection, meaning you can watch right on your tablet or even hook up your PlayBook to your TV via HDMI and watch to your big-screend hearts content. Currently only available in the US.

Hit the link below to grab it from BlackBerry App World for $1.99. Keep reading for a quick demo video.

More information/Download luhu for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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