Watch the 'Building Secure Android Apps for the Enterprise' webcast replay

If you're a developer and missed out on the 'Building Secure Android Apps for the Enterprise' webcast that was held on May 21st, you can now settle in and get yourself caught up whenever you do so wish as the replay has been posted.

Developing apps for enterprise can be a challenge as enterprise-grade applications are more than just app code. Enterprise apps operate in a container of their own where security is a forethought not bolted on, connecting to corporate assets which resides behind the firewall, thus protecting Data-at-Rest on mobile devices and securing Data-in-Transport becomes inevitable. Enterprise apps are manageable, deployed not downloaded and controlled by corporate IT rules and policies.

The session is approximately an hour long and covers the four pillars of enterprise app development, and how BES12 provides the most secure and flexible ways to manage Android apps on Android smartphones and tablets regardless of how enterprises choose to manage Android devices – Android for work, Samsung KNOX or Secure Work Space (SWS).

Building Secure Android Apps for the Enterprise webcast replay

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