It looks like Research In Motion is taking a step forward with their BlackBerry DevCon Keynote tomorrow and for the first time ever are going to broadcast the presentation live. They just put up a landing page live for the WebCast at the BlackBerry DevCon website.

The CrackBerry team is on hand at DevCon of course and will be on location watching live, so we'll still be here on the blogs powering a live blog for commentary, live chat so you guys and gals can sound off, and we'll even setup some live streaming too (just in case RIM has an outage during their Webcast).

The show gets going at 8:30am PST tomorrow (Tuesday, October 18th) and will be broken into two halves. Expect the big announcements in the first half, and after intermission things will be focused more on the technical/developer side of things. Awesome stuff.

Watch the Live WebCast from the BlackBerry DevCon Website