BES12 enterprise developer webcast

If you're a developer and missed checking out the 'BES12.2: What's New for Enterprise Developers' webcast live, BlackBerry has now posted up the replay that you can watch whenever you see fit.

Catch this on-demand recorded webcast originally presented live on Tuesday August 25th by Ed Bourne, Senior Enterprise Solutions Manager here at BlackBerry. An information packed Enterprise Developer's "need to know" follow up to the recent launch announcement of BES12.2. The latest iteration of BlackBerry Enterprise Server 12 offers expanded multi-OS capabilities and many interesting opportunities for enterprise developers. This Webcast will explore these topics:

  • Discover how to distribute certificates to Android Secure Workspace (SWS), Android for Work (AfW) and Samsung KNOX
  • Learn how to activate an Android for Work solution on your phone with BES12.2
  • Understand what support for the work container on Samsung KNOX means to you
  • Learn how support of Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) provides an easy way to bill for your apps in an enterprise environment
  • Explore how support for the UDP protocol through BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus enables you to deploy VOIP/stream audio/video/etc.

The webcast comes in at around 44 minutes, so it's a fairly short one to check out but essential if you're working with Enterprise apps and BES12.2

Watch the BES12.2: What's New for Enterprise Developers webcast replay