Driving While Texting Banned in Washington StateYesterday, Governor Christine Gregoire of Washington State signed into law a ban on 'D.W.T.', or 'Driving While Texting'. The law applies to all mobile devices, including the BlackBerry.

Says Governor Gregoire: "Would you read a book or newspaper while you were driving? No!... Then why would you text while driving?"

Other states have already banned talking on cellphones behind the wheel, unless a headset is used. The new 'D.W.T.' law would be the next logical step.

The fine for getting caught 'D.W.T.' is $101. Not very much for the high-powered business exec to shell out. In fact I would assume they would file it under 'the cost of doing business'. However it IS a start. 

This new law will surely make roads and driving conditions in Washington State safer for all. Take note other US states and Canadian Provinces... This law seems to make sense to me for the safety of all.