I am always excited to find out how I can improve the functionalities of my 8700 and am constantly on the lookout for new 3rd party software. Last week, I found a couple of new applications I wanted to try. As usual, I downloaded a zip package that included a “.alx” and a “.cod” file. Next step, I launched the Blackberry Desktop Manager and uploaded the application on the device. I remember this last step quite well, it was 10:30am and I was about to waste an entire day.

As soon as the application hit my BlackBerry, the device rebooted. Sometimes this happens. About a minute later, exactly when I thought the main screen would appear again, another reboot. A bit strange. When the third reboot took place, I knew this was going to be bad. I was now locked into a reboot cycle that would never stop. And unfortunately, RIM does not include any reset button on the devices anymore. At this point, I tried to remove the battery. No good either. Whatever I tried, no matter how long I removed the battery, as soon as I powered back my Blackberry, the endless reboot cycle resumed. I made more attempts to save my BlackBerry: reset key sequence on the keyboard, connecting the device to the Desktop Manager but nothing would work.

As you are probably aware, your BlackBerry device is running the RIM Operating System, an OS based on Java. If you have an older device, you might be running version 3.7, 4.0, 4.1 or the most recent, 4.2. To find out what your version is, go to Options/Settings and select “About” or you can try this key sequence. For example, a brand new 8800 will show The problem is that very recently, some 3rd party developers are trying to take advantage of the latest features available on new devices such as MP3, Video, etc… To do so, they are required to develop the software based on the Operating System v4.2 and above. So what happens when you try to install a 4.2 application on an older device? Something that appears to be an unbreakable reboot sequence. So be aware. Before installing new software always double check the OS requirements. The problem is that RIM did not put in place any mechanism to protect the device. There is no version control that would warn you about the possible damages.

In case this happens to you, here is how you might be able to resurrect your BlackBerry:

- First logon to the web site of your wireless carrier.
- Find the support page with download links.
- Once you input your BlackBerry device model, it will take you to a support page of BlackBerry.com where you will be able to download a replacement OS for your BlackBerry
- The installation will wipe out your entire BlackBerry but this is the only way we found to bring back our 8700c to life.

Be safe and do frequent backups!

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