Calling All BlackBerry Developers! is the #1 BlackBerry website in the world so it only makes sense that we should have the best BlackBerry app in existence to match. To date we've had a few CB apps make their appearance in App World for the BlackBerry OS, like our CrackBerry Launcher, CrackBerry Podcast App, and Wallpaper Changer app w/ CrackBerry Wallpapers. And for the PlayBook we do have the CrackBerry App which offers a basic experience of getting our CrackBerry content, but it is still pretty limited in features and functionality. So while we've had some popular CrackBerry apps over the years, we really have yet to deliver to our users an amazing app experience that fully reflects our full CrackBerry offering. That changes, starting to day.

My Goal here is simple. When BlackBerry 10 phones hit the market I want CrackBerry to have the best BlackBerry 10 app in BlackBerry App World. I want our next-generation CrackBerry app to be so mind-blowingly awesome that Research In Motion is going to showcase it as an example to all web and media companies of what can be done on the BlackBerry 10 platform. I want it to be feature rich, taking what we do on the web with CrackBerry and putting it into the palm of your hand.  I want it to be beautiful and fun, making use of all that TAT/Cascade goodness coming our way in BlackBerry 10. I want it to take advantage of every API RIM opens up for us. I want this app to be absolutely uncompromising in nature. We'll of course want it for all BlackBerry 10 devices - phones and tablets.

To make it happen, we need BlackBerry development talent to work with. In the past our CrackBerry apps haven't cost us anything - developers did them up as way of giving back to CrackBerry Nation. But we know top talent doesn't always come for free and we're setting our expectations through the roof on this one, so yes developers we will pay for this one (though if you still want to do it for free, that's cool too - we'll shower your company with love).

Interested? OK amazing developers. Look at our site. Ponder it. Think on it. And if the decision is made that you/your company have the skills and desire to work with us to build an absolutely amazing CrackBerry app, then shoot us an email to [email protected] (subject: BB10 CrackBerry App) and let us know you're interested, show us your portfolio and give us a sense of what you want to do with the CrackBerry App and how much fun it will be to work with you. Get Ready CrackBerry Nation... our next-gen CrackBerry App is going to ROCK!

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