Over the years, I've seen Kevin do some crazy things but what I witnessed recently was likely one of the top antics I've seen from him in a while. Before I get into that though, I have a little story to share. It may be true, it might not but here it goes. A little background first though, my mother recently remarried and her new husband told me this story about how he gained a job at one of his former employers.

As the story goes, he applied for the job several times with no response so rather than sending off a yet-another bland resume, he decided to send off a shoe to the potential employer with his resume in it. Yes, a shoe. It scored him a phone call after the package had been received and caused the employer to actually READ the resume rather than just tossing it in the pile. Of course, they wanted to know. Why the shoe? Not so obvious answer - 'I wanted to get my foot in the door'.

And with a jolt of AC/DC current and bass, The Sonos Man was brought to life!

The point? If one option isn't working, you have to keep moving on and often times creativity works in attracting attention. Now, getting back to Kevin and his recent antics. If you follow Kevin on Instagram or Twitter you may have caught his little story about the 'Sonos Man' who somehow, got compiled out of the Sonos boxes Kevin has in his house thanks to his not so secret infatuation with their products. He has to have a Sonos wherever he is working.

Sonos man escapes! "Where are you going?" cries his creator.

You may also know Sonos does not have an a native BlackBerry 10 app available. So this is where the creativity part comes in. Rather than sending yet-another email or filling out some 'Get Satisfaction' forum to ask for a Sonos app for BlackBerry 10, Kevin took the Sonos Man and brought him to life and giving him a bit of a back story. A story which played out through six different scenes on Instagram, in pretty epic form.

Sonos man jumps into a Range Rover, buckles up (safety first!) and speeds off into the sunset..

Again, the point? If traditional methods aren't working try creativity -- it certainly can't hurt and it sure as heck beats sending off emails and filling out forms to request an app. Now, I'm not saying this will work for everyone or even at all really but it's certainly worth a shot and it beats coming off sounding like you have entitlement issues by 'demanding' things. 

As for Sonos man, well eventually he called his his master to tell him where he went..

"I'm driving to California to get the Sonos developers to build you a native app for BlackBerry 10! Oh, and by the way, Iron Man may have better weapons but I have better sound!!"

Even in the case of Sonos, it might not work in getting them to build a native app for BlackBerry 10 but in any case, Kevin seemed to have a little bit of fun with it and having fun beats negativity any day of the week and well, it did catch someone's eye at Sonos, so there's that.

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