Want to win some BlackBerry goodies? Enter now to win some hats, mugs and more!

We were due for a contest so, I decided to have a little bit of fun. As some folks might have seen on the CrackBerry BBM Channel (C00012B19), I've been hanging on to some BlackBerry goodies. Some hats, pens, stickers, spark logos, mugs, carabiners and a few other things. Obviously, I can't wear 10 of all the same hats and there's only so many key chains one can have a use for and since people haven't stopped emailing me about the stuff since I posted it, I figured now was a good time to go ahead and give some of it away so the emails will hopefully stop and well, because I like you all.

So here's the deal. Leave a comment on this post to enter. Tell me how long you've been a BlackBerry user, what your first device was, your coolest memory of using that device and what device you're using now. Honestly, the answers won't help you win since it's all random anyway but you've got to do something to win and I know some of the answers will be cool. Normal contest rules apply, so one entry per person and spammers will go on the naughty list. The contest is open worldwide and we're not responsible for any customs fees that may occur with shipping. Good luck everyone!

PS: You might win a hat, you might win a shirt, you might win some stickers, you might win a mug or possibly some combination of a few things or a box full of everything. We'll keep this one open for a bit and then announce some winners and well, maybe run it again with a new scenario for you all to share.