BlackBerry PlayBook itself is a pretty sturdy device but there will be times I like to put a case on it. More so because I'm a huge klutz and prone to dropping it more times than I would like. While I'd like a strong protective case, these can sometimes add too much bulk and weight that I'll eventually return to using a naked PlayBook. However, I came across the Body Glove Stripes case for the BlackBerry PlayBook that seems to give me solid protection while keeping things slim. Follow me after the break for a full rundown of the case.

In Short:

"Slim and light case that still offers protection"

Should I Buy?

"Are you looking for a case that still gives your PlayBook protection in a thin and light form? Body Glove Stripes is for you"


After taking the case out of its packaging, you could tell that this was a case that was not going to add much weight to the PlayBook. It felt very light. It is also flexible and bendy but at the same time felt strong and durable. It was also very thin. This was definitely a case aimed at keeping the the slim and light form of the PlayBook.
You have the usual cut-outs for the headphone jack and ports on the bottom. On the top, you have an all-in-one cut-out for the buttons and camera. And on the front you have the slits for the speakers too. On the back you get a textured stripes pattern, hence the name, this offers you a grip while holding your PlayBook, though I would preferred if the stripes were more rubberised to offer more grip but having the stripes there is better than a smooth back.
One gripe I have with the case is that due to the case being flexible and bendy, the top and bottom area where there are cut-outs pull away. This happens when I pick up the PlayBook sometimes from the center. After prolonged use this may eventually wear and not hold in place. It may also catch on something pulling it in and out of my bag.

Apart from that, it is a pretty solid case. Even though it is slim and light, I still feel it will offer the protection I need during drops and falls. The case doesn't come with a screen protector, though you'd probably already have one if you are an individual, like me, who likes to put on screen protectors.

Three more great protection options

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BlackBerry Skin Case for PlayBook
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Incipio SILICRYLIC Hard Shell Case with Silicone Core for BlackBerry PlayBook
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