We all know by now that there is a 6MB file size limit when it comes to sending videos over BBM - which makes it a bit of a bummer when you want to share your videos with friends and family members. You end up having to resort to uploading your video YouTube or similar service and then share them from there.

An app has recently landed in BlackBerry World, Video Shrinker, that allows you to compress your videos to a smaller size, making it easier to share them. You can choose to compress your video to a number of resolutions - 480p, 240p, 144p, 72p and even 36p. Obviously, depending on the file size the compression process will take a bit of time but it will run in the background provided you leave it running as an Active Frame. 

The process of shrinking your video is a pretty simple one. Just open the app, pick the video you wish to compress, then choose the output resolution you want. What is great is that when you choose the output resolution, you are given the estimated file size, so you know whether it's small enough for you to share. Once you have chosen the size you want, just hit 'Shrink' and wait a little. There is a progress bar too, so you can see how much is left to do. When the compress is compete you can then open the video to view it and check the quality.

Video Shrinker is free to download, however, if you want to share or save the newly compressed video you will need the full version - the free version just allows you to shrink your video and view it. The full version costs $1.99 and you purchase it via an in-app purchase. 

I've used Video Shrinker to compress a couple of videos already and have successfully managed to send them via BBM. Of course, the quality isn't as good as the original but for viewing on you smartphone, it isn't too bad. Definitely a bonus to be able to send them easily over BBM now.

One thing I have noticed is that when you compress using the free version, then purchase the full version, you have to compress the video again to be able to share it, even if the share icon becomes available once payment has been made - not a huge deal though. I highly recommend Video Shrinker. A must have app and I do like the fact that you can try it out before committing.

Learn more / Download Video Shrinker from BlackBerry World