Google Reader

Its not secret that I've been dying for a Google Reader application for BlackBerry. I have used nearly ever RSS reader under the sun on my device, and although many are awesome, they just don't bring it all like I feel a Reader app straight from Google would. I am honestly impressed for the most part with the Google apps for BlackBerry like GMail, calendar sync and the Google Voice app, so I think that a Reader app straight from the source would not disappoint. Having feeds all in once place, being able to sync feeds with the web, add feeds, mark read/unread etc. would be amazing. While there have been no rumors floating around that a Reader app is anywhere in sight, there is a page on Google's Product Ideas ( that has already been started for Google Reader. So as your Christmas gift to me CrackBerry Nation, I ask that if you too want a Google Reader app, you swing by the page and vote on the submitted ideas for Google Reader (or submit a new idea of your own). Maybe with the power of CrackBerry we can convince Google to crank out a Reader application for BlackBerry.