Win a ticket to WES

RIM's big annual show, the Wireless Enterprise Symposium for BlackBerry Users (or WES) is coming up April 27th to 29th in Orlando, Florida. It's an enterprise/industry show rather than a consumer one, but it's always a great show and an awesome time. The only bad thing about WES is getting there - if you miss the early bird special, conference passes run for $1799.

Fortunately, the folks at Zenprise let us know about a little contest they're running that will give one lucky winner a free pass to attend WES and even up to $500 to cover air travel. To enter, simply become a fan of the Facebook Zenprise page and write your funniest end user smartphone support story on the wall. If you decide to do a video post and win, they'll also reimburse the winner up to $500 for air travel. Be sure to jump over the fan page for full details.

Bla1ze, Adam and myself will be at WES 2010 this year so if you're a CrackBerry reader and end up winning be sure to let us know. We can meet up for a roundof Campari (on Adam.. suckah!).