Beginning BlackBerry 7 Development

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Just before I headed out on holidays, the courier dropped off a couple of copies to me of Apress' latest book for BlackBerry, called Beginning BlackBerry 7 Development. The original Beginning BlackBerry Development book was written by Anthony Rizk, and it has been updated and re-written by Rob Kao and Dante Sarigumba for BlackBerry 7. I'm not quite sure how my name made the cover of this one, but I'll take it (Mama CrackBerry is so proud).

As we learned at DevCon 2011, with 70+ million app hungry BlackBerry users in the world, there are a lot of downloads to be made and dollars to be earned in developing for BlackBerry Smartphones. And with BlackBerry 10 Phones being delayed until later in 2012, it's looking for developers like the BlackBerry 7 Smartphone life cycle (and opportunity to generate ROI) is now going to be longer than it may have been if BlackBerry 10 phones were hitting sooner.

So if you're interested in broadening your skills in 2012 and making BlackBerry users happy while earning yourself some $$, check out Beginning BlackBerry 7 Development, available from Amazon (and elsewhere), at the links below!

Learn More / Purchase Beginning BlackBerry 7 Development (Paperback)
Learn More / Purchase Beginning BlackBerry 7 Development (Kindle)

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